Home should be a living space, not a storage space. Less clutter, more simplicity.

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Being organized is about customizing your world to work for you

Being organized is about customizing your world to work for you

Being organized is about customizing your world to work for you

Neatness and organization are our niche.  Every home should work efficiently by having 'a place for everything and everything in its place'.  Let us help you to organize those offices, basements, garages, closets and more.

Ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I used it?
  • Why am I keeping it?
  • Could I use this space for something else?
  • Could I sell it and make some cash?


Identify the essentials and eliminate the rest

Being organized is about customizing your world to work for you

Being organized is about customizing your world to work for you

Whether you need to organize a space or clean it out, we can establish a plan to serve your needs.  Additionally, we can offer one time or ongoing general household or light housekeeping.


  • Home office organization
  • Closet organization
  • Kitchen/Pantry organization 
  • Decluttering
  • Downsizing
  • Purging/Donating unwanted items
  • Move in / Move out packing/unpacking
  • House sitting for deliveries/services


Change your goal from 'get more done' to 'have less to do'

Being organized is about customizing your world to work for you

Change your goal from 'get more done' to 'have less to do'

Getting organized is more about reducing stress and clutter, saving time and improving your quality of life.

Consider this:

  • Less clutter means less to clean and organize.
  • Items you do not need may ultimately be items you can sell.
  • Organization helps you appreciate what you have and focus more on what matters.


Melinda arrived on time, was friendly and hard working.  The job was accomplished in less time than expected. Linda R - 4.5 stars - Home Advisor

Melinda is wonderful to work with... it's like having your best friend over to help you do everything you can't do yourself. The time flies by and you get your home in order at the same time! I am looking forward to our next session later this week! Lori - 4.5 stars - Home Advisor

Melinda is a pleasure to work with. She is energetic and respectful in helping do what is always a difficult job. I will absolutely recommend her to others

Joy - 5 stars  - Home Advisor

I was completely comfortable with Melinda from the moment we met. This is a very personal service and could be disconcerting with the wrong person. Melinda does not judge, she only wants to help get your life/home back under your control. She is very engaging, carrying on a conversation while she empties years of disorder from a closet or section of room. I am so happy to have this process started, and excited for our next appointment.- Linda -  5 stars- Home Advisor

Melinda was a total powerhouse and was sweet as can be from start to finish! She was such a hard worker and we got so much done in such a short period of time. She had tons of organizing bins/baskets/etc with her which was super helpful as well. She even put up with my curious 1 year old trying to disorganize our new organization haha! I would recommend her hands down 🙌🏼 - Sarah - Facebook

I am so happy to have found Melinda. She has done an amazing job organizing my kitchen for me and came up with some great ideas to make the best use of the space. (My kitchen is small). Today she did my basement and I love it. Can’t wait for my bathroom and linen closet they are next. I could never have done this on my own. She comes up with ideas that really make things look nice and are functional. Deb- 5 stars- Facebook 

Melinda was great with offering advice, she answered all my questions and overall very easy to work with. I definitely will be using her company for my next project!

Trena J - 5 stars - Home Advisor

Your Consultation and supporting services were just what I needed. I’ll sing praises to you every hour, like a folk singer. Which is to say I can’t say thank you enough: you’re not only a savvy sorter, you’re a wise and sensitive consultant.” - Marilyn W

Melinda is a delightful woman. She listens to my needs and works accordingly. She does not waste time. She gets to the job at hand and works with lightening speed. We've been going one room at a time since I am disabled and am needed during the sorting. I plan on having her back as I am not done getting my house in order - Linda G - 4.5 stars - Home Advisor

She's very good, and observant. I recommend her to anyone. - Marie S. - 5 stars - Home Advisor

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